Traveling Martin



As a community of faith, we share this journey with Jesus and each other.   As we travel to different places , or even take day trips around Northeast PA, lets share those journeys as well.    We have created several “Flat Martins” to accompany you in your travels... as a reminder that your Lutheran friends back home are with you in spirit. We will join the disciples and the crowds as we travel with him.

Before your trip, pick up one of the Martins (a sign-out sheet will be there to ‘log’ his journeys).  As you travel, take some pictures with you and Martin at the places you visit.   And if you like… take a picture of Martin with someone you meet along the way… give them a taste of Lutheran hospitality!!   Send them to Justin Wisnosky and/or Al Sands ( and we will post them on the bulletin board.. Facebook… and our new website.