This Lutheran community of faith was founded on September 23rd, 1882 on a plot of land at 231 State Street in Nanticoke, PA.
The story of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church begins in Genesis in a garden where God has made all things and they are good. It is a story of covenant, a testament, both old and new, which reached cosmic fulfillment in the person of Jesus. It is a story of a people who are inevitably linked as part of one global family.
The story of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in one of a diverse group of people who continue in the tradition of the apostles. "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers". (Acts 2:42)
Our particular story is linked to places like Wittenberg and Augsburg. In later centuries we have come from places as diverse as Estonia and England, Slovakia and Italy, Poland and India. Today we are a growing congregation with roots from all parts of the world, embracing many who are not "Native Lutherans".
But our story is not complete, we are on a continuing journey. Refreshed and renewed in our life together, gathering afresh to hear God's promises, to seek ways to live out the faith and to offer our God-given gifts in service to others. Together we witness, share our joys and sorrows, join in worship and play in that ever homeward-bound journey toward the welcoming arms of a waiting God.

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